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Packaging; It is an important material that protects the product and ensures the product to reach the consumers in the most reliable and clean conditions, and facilitates the transportation and storage of the product. As Opak Packaging; The basic functions of a package to contain, protect, move and provide information can summarize. The packages are divided into classes according to their usage areas. Another name of the primary packaging is the packaging that is wrapped in the product when it is delivered to the consumer. Primary packaging; other packaging components required to terminate the packaging and sales portion which are in direct contact with the product. Secondary packing; This is a package used to group sales units for easy transport applications during sales. This process is called Promotional Packaging. Promotional packaging is also offered in our facilities in the form of special sets or mixed sets, which our customers deem appropriate and demanding in terms of marketing. The promotional packages designed in accordance with the product specifications can be prepared according to the requirements of the campaign. Tertiary packaging; alias transport packaging is also used to facilitate the transport of a number of sales units or secondary packagings to prevent physical damage during transport and transportation. As Opak Packaging; We offer special packaging solutions according to the need or firm for all our customers. Therefore, you can use our primary, secondary or tertiary packaging services in accordance with your needs thanks to Opak Packaging.

Benefits of Packaging

If you think that I should get packaging service from Opak Packaging, you should first have an idea about the benefits of packaging. packaging; is the preservative of the product. Prevents the product from being adversely affected by factors such as bruising or wetting. Thanks to the packaging, the product is reached to the consumer in the most economical way and the storage is provided. In addition, the packaging, the information it carries with the consumer ease of use and selection creates. Thanks to information such as price, weight, production date, product content, expiration date, manufacturer's name and usage description written on the packaging, it provides great convenience to the salesman and the consumer.

Why Should I Choose Opak Packaging?

As Opak Packaging, we completely shape our services according to our customers' requests. Our customers want to receive packaging service in accordance with the appropriate and effective solutions we offer. In doing so, we aim to ensure customer satisfaction. As Opak Packaging, we produce products in compliance with the legal regulations in accordance with the packaging safety and quality standards. As Opak Packaging, sustainability is very important for us. All of the products we use are recyclable and never harm the nature.

* Production and designs suitable for all types of packaging requests can be made in our facilities.