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As Opak Labeling, we deliver the right product to our customer at the right time. With our customer representatives equipped with the necessary information, we approach our customers with our understanding of customer satisfaction. We make the fastest delivery in Istanbul. In addition, thanks to the software we use, our customer representatives can monitor the production stages of the orders in their screens and inform the customers. However, thanks to our high production capacity, we are making the fastest production in every product type by making a positive return to your high number of orders. When the production of an order is completed, our system reports this development to our customers with an automatic mail. On the same day, we send the order to our customer. We also do boxing and packaging using informative stickers that contain all the details about the order. In addition, we use this software to provide information such as barcode, body, price and so on.

Opak Labeling Services

As Opak Labeling, we produce all the basic label types in our structure. Opaque Labeling; It is one of Turkey's highest capacity labellers. As Opaque Labeling, we are able to provide a high standard of quality, keep order orders under control, and quickly produce urgent orders. In addition, we do the implementation work on your products before the logistics process for you. We offer our customers a peace of mind that the products they purchase are manufactured in one of the institutions with the highest level of work ethic.

Why should I prefer Opaque Labeling?

As Opaque Labeling; we are able to make changes to our customers' labeling processes for almost all imported products. We have a team specialized in labeling. Our expert team can make customer-specific labeling operations on demand. Furthermore, starting from the design of the labels, printing and placement of the products are done carefully and meticulously by our team and other employees working in the design department. If you want to get information about Opak Labeling, you can get information about our service quality from our references that have worked with us before. You can work with us by pre-ordering about the labeling type and design you want. If you work with Opaque Labeling, one of the top quality companies in the labeling sector, you will never regret the service you receive. You can contact us via telephone, mail or contact form.