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Another name is shrink packaging; it is the process of carrying out a packaging process by wrapping a product or a product already packed in another technique with plastic films. This processing; Shrink Wrapping. Only wrapping and wrapping around the product without processing is called polywrapping. Shrink; English means shrinking and attracting. Shrink film; It is used for packaging purposes and draws with the help of heat, so it takes the form of the product it covers. Shrink processes; Shrink machine and Shrink film are applied together. The shrink machine works with a two-purpose process. In the first part, the plastic film surrounding the product to be packed and called the seam welding; welding machine. In the second stage, heat is applied and shrink film is shrinking and shrinking. This is called Shrink furnace, Shrink tunnel or heat tunnel.

Shrink Packaging in Opak Packaging

The packaging we carry out through shrink packaging as Opak Packaging and Labeling has specific objectives. In line with the requests of our customers, we make the products ready for shrinking and packing with PVC, PE, PO or PET materials. After that, we carry out shrinkage processes for packaging and labeling of the completed products. In our Opak Packaging production facilities, our customers can shrink as many times as desired, sizes and materials.

Objectives of Shrink Packaging

Two or smaller packages through shrink packaging; a larger package. Also, a package or product is kept clean. A packaged product is stolen or the packaging is opened without purchase. Shrink packaging; it serves as a seal of protection that indicates that the product is not opened. In addition, the product is protected against pests. However, a product is prevented from being redistributed, gifted, or sold. Product; It is protected against lubrication, moisture, water or other mechanical effects and provides its durability. With the help of shrink packaging, paper products such as magazines and catalogs reach their real owners without being worn out. Shrink packaging ensures that the address label remains sticky and clean during transport without damaging it. Shrink packaging; gives the ability to group and keep together.