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Storage Activities

Storage Activities


As Opak Packaging and Labeling; We offer the best quality service to our customers in the storage area. In Opak Packaging and Labeling, the products prepared for shipment are carried out to minimize the cost of transport operations and to facilitate shipment. In addition, our Opak Packaging and Labeling facilities provide product storage service for our customers.

Storage Services

As Opak Packaging and Labeling; We will create storage areas for your products to be shipped soon. In this way, we do the shipment of these products from our own warehouses according to the distribution list. Opak Packaging and Labeling; is carrying out the successful storage services with professional team, equipment and experience. There are some advantages of storage of customer cargo in Opak Packaging and Labeling storage areas. To mention these advantages, our customers benefit from our large and regular storage areas. Our specialist staff provides all necessary equipment. Safety standards are provided. The distribution of products from a single warehouse is carried out so that the risk of deformation is minimized. In addition, economic storage solutions are produced for companies without storage areas.

Advantages of the Storage Service by Opak Ambalaj

If you prefer us as Opak Packaging and Labeling for storage services, you will have the chance to focus on your main business. You achieve a reduction in the inventory level. In addition, it performs efficient inventory management, so you get a high rotational speed. Your administrative expenses are reduced. However, you increase your safety standards and reduce the risk. You waive investment costs. You will be able to meet your customer demands more comfortably in line with new technological developments. With the professional storage areas of Opak Packaging and Labeling, you can reduce your storage costs, reduce the impact of your labor losses, so you can reach your customers faster. In addition to our value-adding services such as order picking, labeling, barcoding, booklet dispensing, and packaging, you can easily access many advantages if you benefit from our corporate or individual services in storage. In Opak Packaging and Labeling, the products are stored in the most suitable conditions according to their properties. All inventory management services are monitored electronically in the whole process from the first entry of the products to the shipment. In addition, shipments are made in accordance with the requests from customers.