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As Opak Packaging and Labeling; we trust ourselves in logistics and claim that logistics is our business. Logistics; is the name given to the whole of operations in the process until the service or products are delivered to the final consumer from the production line. Nowadays, logistics is perceived only as transportation, in addition to logistics transportation, it covers many processes ranging from collection of materials to processing, packaging, labeling, stock management, internal and external distribution. In this respect, it is realized within a logistic system and all these processes are related to each other. In order for the logistics operations to continue in full, all these processes must proceed without interruption. As Opak Packaging and Labeling; to ensure the integrity of the system and provide perfect service. In order for the transport operations to continue without interruption, the team should consist of experts. As Opak Packaging and Labeling; Although we have experienced staff in warehouse management, we are experienced in pallet breaking and consolidation. We also inform our customers in every process of operation.

Logistics Services of Opak Packaging and Labeling

As Opak Packaging and Labeling; We base our logistics activities on customer base. We realize solutions that are appropriate to the needs. Because quality is very important in the service provided by a logistics company. We try to keep the costs balanced by considering the quality and flexibility of the service we provide to our customers, we aim to provide the highest quality service at the most cost-effective for the customer. The services we give are reminiscent of a process that is grifted with each other, and there is a continuous transfer of information between processes. In this way, multiple business processes can be made with a single infrastructure.

Purpose in Logistics

The purpose of the logistics sector is to make the organization resistant to important market variables such as quality, time, price and service in order to maintain the existence of the company. Logistics; In the modern sense, it should be considered as market, flow and time oriented. However, linking the target market, manufacturing operations, procurement processes and distribution channels in a way to create and maintain a competitive advantage is among the sub-targets. Logistics also aims to increase sales, improve service level and increase efficiency. Flow management is the most important process in logistics.