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As Opak Packaging and Labeling; we claim to provide the best service in the field of handling. Thanks to our handling service, your storage efficiency may increase, the waiting time of your products in the warehouse is shortened, the number of handling in the storage area is reduced, the costs are reduced, the manpower usage is reduced, effective working conditions are provided and the level of logistics service is increased. Thanks to all these processes, storage, especially storage, preparation, completion and sending of orders will be made easier.

What is handling?

Handling; It refers to the operations of the product under the customs supervision without storing the main properties of the product, placing it in small containers from small containers, sieving, replacing the containers, changing the product, repairing or ventilating the containers and so on. However, in addition to the definition of the handling made by the law, handling has become not only for the goods under customs supervision but also for the transportation and storage of the logistics sector. It includes operations such as storing, packing and placing products within the warehouse using warehouse vehicles. Handling; it directly affects the efficiency of warehouse operations in terms of both transport and storage of products. It is effective in facilitating the short-term movements of the products in the storage area and decreases the costs. For this reason, no matter what system is used in handling, the most important purpose is to increase efficiency.

Handling How?

Opak Packaging and Labeling as the most used tool in the tool palette. Palette; it helps transport and store large quantities of the product. However, due to the fact that most of the pallets are not recyclable, a large number of damaged pallets cause environmental pollution and image defects. Another problem is the health problems caused by the spread of pests such as insects and bacteria in many countries due to the movement of materials. As Opak Packaging and Labeling, if you prefer us for the handling service, you will have the chance to benefit from the high quality service we provide with the latest technology devices and technically equipped employees. However, all the products in our facilities are prepared according to the latest quality standards from the first step to the last step. We also offer low cost production, shipping and storage services to our customers.